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Furman at DOMOTEX asia/CHINA FLOOR 2024

Views: 9     Author: Furman     Publish Time: 2024-05-31      Origin: Site


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Furman Flooring showcased a variety of products including its SPC flooring, waterproof laminate flooring, and WPC flooring at the DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2024 exhibition. With outstanding product quality and competitive pricing strategies, we have garnered widespread attention and praise.

The highlight of this exhibition was the SPC flooring, which attracted customers' attention due to its excellent environmental performance and durability. Additionally, our laminate flooring and WPC flooring, with their excellent performance, also attracted many visitors.

SPC Laminate Flooring

Furman Flooring has always adhered to technological innovation and quality control, committed to developing environmentally friendly and durable new flooring products. We provide full-service from product consultation, design support to installation and maintenance, ensuring customers have a satisfactory purchasing experience.

Looking ahead, Furman Flooring will continue to uphold the principles of professionalism, innovation, and service, expand into the global market, and enhance brand influence.

We are delighted to have made many new friends at this exhibition. Overall, the event has been a tremendous success. We sincerely thank all visiting customers. We look forward to establishing close cooperation with more industry partners!


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Telephone: +86 18012956833
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