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Where to Get Free Flooring Samples

Views: 16     Author: Furman     Publish Time: 2024-07-04      Origin: Site


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When planning a flooring project, obtaining samples is crucial to ensure you choose the right color and material that fits your space perfectly. If you're looking for free flooring samples, Furman offers several convenient options to help you make the best choice. Here are three ways to get free flooring samples from Furman:

Free Samples

1. Visit the Furman Factory

One of the most hands-on ways to select your flooring samples is by visiting the Furman factory directly. This allows you to see the full range of products in person and select the appropriate color and material that best suits your needs. The factory address is: No.2 Jiexi Road,Quanjiao District,Chuzhou City,Anhui Province,China

By visiting the factory, you can also speak directly with experts who can provide guidance and answer any questions you might have about the different flooring options.

2. Contact Furman via WhatsApp

If you prefer a more convenient method or cannot visit the factory in person, you can contact Furman via WhatsApp. This method allows you to discuss your needs directly with a Furman representative and request samples to be sent to your address.

To contact Furman via WhatsApp, use the following number: +86 18012956833

This way, you can quickly and easily communicate your requirements and get the necessary samples delivered to you.

3. Log in to the Furman Official Website

Another efficient way to obtain free flooring samples is by logging into the Furman official website. The website provides a comprehensive overview of all available flooring options, allowing you to browse the different styles, colors, and materials at your convenience. Once you’ve selected, you can request samples to be sent directly to your home.

Visit the Furman official website to get started: Contact Us - Furman Flooring

Free Samples

By leveraging these three methods, you can easily obtain the flooring samples you need to make an informed decision. Whether you visit the factory, contact via WhatsApp, or browse the official website, Furman ensures that you have access to high-quality samples to aid in your flooring project.

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No.2 Jiexi Road,Quanjiao District,Chuzhou City,Anhui Province,China
+86 18012956833​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Telephone: +86 18012956833
Add: No.2 Jiexi Road,Quanjiao District,Chuzhou City,Anhui Province,China
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